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Get customized and web interactive solutions from StakkDev Inc. Our Canada-based custom software development company serves all the North American regions and helps you create an online persona by creating mobile apps, websites, and UI/UX designs. We also give software development consultancy and blockchain development services so you can maintain your ground in the software industry.

StakkDev Inc. is a custom software development company
Who we are

We work for your business growth by offering a range of services.

Software solutions have become essential for businesses to attract more potential customers. Whether your business is a small, medium-sized, or large enterprise, your brand needs an online presence. And that’s what StakkDev Inc. does by offering customized and interactive web solutions. We’re happy to serve an increasing number of clients from all the regions of North America. Working with clients of various kinds of businesses and maintaining a long-lasting relationship is a pleasure for us.

custom software development company
We're a custom software development company in Canada.
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How we work

Our custom software development company, based in Canada, helps businesses reach high potential and succeed in the digital world. Our services include mobile app development, cross-platform app development, website design and development, UI/UX designs, blockchain development, and software consultancy. The facilities you get from StakkDev Inc. are cost-effective without compromising quality. 

If you’re searching for a company to get any of these software solutions, reach out to us right away. Our experts will help you with your unique business idea into reality.

Our Services

We build seamless mobile apps.
Mobile App Development

Mobile Development

We offer our clients to go beyond the user interface while creating a mobile app that will set your business apart in this crazy and competitive market.

Website Development

Web Development

Let us help you take your online presence to the next level. With that, you will make a long-lasting impression on your potential customers.

Our custom software development company builds user-friendly websites.
You'll get user-friendly designed websites from our custom software company in Canada.
UI/UX Design

UI/UX design

Design is everything; it speaks volumes. Nevertheless, our team understands the need of the hour and comes up with a catchy and user-interactive UX/UI design solution.


Blockchain development

Blockchain technology is benefiting many industries. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity. Our experts will help with security, transparency, efficiency, and decentralization with blockchain technology.
Our Canada-based company provides blockchain development service.
Get consultancy in custom software development from our company.

Software Development Consultant

Get the right answers to your questions related to software development from our consulting team. We’ll understand your pain points, priorities, and goals to give you the best solutions so that you can secure a safe future in this industry.

See what our clients say

Mobile app development
Working with StakkDev Inc. for our mobile app development project was a seamless experience. The app they built brought a lot of positivity among the users and made things easier for our business.



NFT development
I liked that the team was attentive to each detail to meet our expectations. The developers are skilled in the NFT domain and deliver the final result on the deadline. If you need an NFT solution, StakkDev Inc. is the one to call.



Web application development
It was a great experience working with StakkDev Inc. on my project. The team understood well the changes I wanted to make in the designs and functions of the website application. I’m pretty happy with the results.



Blockchain development
I’m impressed with the team’s dedication and quality of work. I highly recommend StakkDev Inc. to people who need seamless and top-notch blockchain development solutions.

Yogesh Sharma


What customers are saying

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Tina Jones
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Jake Warren
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Kim Smith

Technologies we use at StakkDev Inc.











React Js

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Adobe Photoshop

Why choose StakkDev Inc.?

Get finance mobile app development services from a Canada-based company: StakkDev Inc.

Business growth

Our customized and interactive web solutions strengthen your business growth. You can rely on us from consulting to planning to developing to launching to maintaining.

Modern design

In this digital era, modernity is one of the essential aspects to consider while creating unique designs. Our experts know what today's users want, whether about the aesthetic or the intuitive side.

You get designs that showcase your brand's language at StakkDev Inc.

Creative work

We encourage creativity and new ideas in strategies and development. Our team practices all the best approaches in the industry and brings out the best and most creative solutions.

Cross-platform solutions

At StakkDev Inc., we offer cross-platform solutions that simplify many factors, such as time, cost, process of development, and maintenance.

Client assistance

One of our team members is always there for you to assist and keep you updated about the project. We even monitor and guide you about using specific features and functions.


Get answers to queries you have in mind regarding the project you want us to work on. Also, the team of consultants suggests the latest suitable technologies and platforms for the project.

Affordable price

We offer our clients quality work at an affordable price as we appreciate the value of long-lasting relationships.

Level up your productivity

Get started today and improve your workflow.

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