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blockchain development

Canada-based blockchain development company

Our Canada-based blockchain development company, serving the North American regions, offers services such as Web3, Web3Auth, Smart Contracts, ERC Standards (ERC20, ERC721 & ERC1155), Blockchain Integration (ETH, BSC, Polygon, and Moonbeam so on), Decentralized Wallets, and Biconomy. Need help with all these? Let’s connect to discuss the details.

Our Canada-based company provides blockchain development service.

Our service includes

We provide Web3 service in blockchain development. Our company is Canada-based that serves all regions of North America.


We provide user-focused applications with the help of the revolutionary era of Web3 technology. Web3 brings security, transparency, and repellent of censorship. Our team helps empower your business by enhancing efficiency and user experience using this cutting-edge technology.


Web3Auth is a system that helps secure your identity over the Internet so that you can say goodbye to hacking or cyber-attacks. At StakkDev Inc., our developers leverage blockchain technology to provide robust solutions. We use a tamper-proof authentication system to safeguard the user’s personal data on your business’s online platform.

Our Canada-based company also provides Web3Auth service in blockchain development.
Our Canada-based blockchain development company also offers smart-contract service.

Smart Contracts and ERC Standards

Our skilled developers are experienced in smart contract creation. It automates processes, ensuring security and transparency. Moreover, we provide ERC20 tokens, ERC721 tokens, and ERC1155 tokens for the project ecosystem and assets.

Blockchain Integration

Want blockchain integration on multiple platforms? Then, we’ve got you covered. We provide blockchain integration on different networks like ETH (Ethereum), BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon, Moonbeam, and more. Our goal is to ensure smooth interactions among the blockchains that help in scalability.

StakkDev Inc., a Canada-based company, also offers the service of blockchain integration.
Get decentralization wallet service from StakkDev Inc., based in Canada.

Decentralized Wallets

Now your user has all control over their personal data and assets. Get user-friendly decentralized wallets that are easy to use having top-notch security. The wallets are hassle-free while managing cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or any interaction with dApps.


Biconomy is made to reduce the friction of transactions on the blockchain. Biconomy integration into dApps makes the user experience smooth while making transactions. It makes easy access to all users of blockchain technology.

Get Biconomy service from Canada-based blockchain development company

See what our clients say

Mobile app development
Working with StakkDev Inc. for our mobile app development project was a seamless experience. The app they built brought a lot of positivity among the users and made things easier for our business.



NFT development
I liked that the team was attentive to each detail to meet our expectations. The developers are skilled in the NFT domain and deliver the final result on the deadline. If you need an NFT solution, StakkDev Inc. is the one to call.



Web application development
It was a great experience working with StakkDev Inc. on my project. The team understood well the changes I wanted to make in the designs and functions of the website application. I’m pretty happy with the results.



Blockchain development
I’m impressed with the team’s dedication and quality of work. I highly recommend StakkDev Inc. to people who need seamless and top-notch blockchain development solutions.

Yogesh Sharma


Our approach to blockchain development


Let us know your concerns and requirements about blockchain implementation in the project through in-depth consultations.


After understanding your business purposes and designing accordingly, we suggest the most suitable architecture, whether public, private, hybrid, or others.


Then, we move towards developing smart contracts, dApps, and solutions integration.


We ensure the quality by testing and doing security audits of the final result to prepare it for the real world.


After successful deployment, we make sure to assist continuously with maintenance.

Why choose StakkDev Inc.?


Our blockchain developers have experience delivering successful projects to clients of various industries. And our priority is to be client-centric throughout the process.


The primary purpose of the blockchain is to provide security, whether it's about data, transactions, or identity. Therefore, our experts use the best practices in the industry to give you solutions.


We provide quality solutions to safeguard users' data and digital assets. We provide multiple revisions to fix errors and make future improvements.

Transparent communication

You get to know about each project's progression as we maintain open communication regularly. We appreciate your feedback at every step and keep you informed as we progress.

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