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Don’t keep your business from enhancing with the latest technologies and methods. Become confident, knowing that the team of software development consultants from StakkDev Inc. has your back. We’re a dedicated software development consulting company in Canada that serves the North American region. We work hard to help you succeed at every step of the entire process. Together, we will explore numerous possibilities to get highly effective results. So why wait? Let’s get in touch with us for a consultancy.

Our service includes

We are software consulting company in Canada.

Development Strategies

We create a roadmap, which includes idea analysis, strategic approach, and options of suitable technologies. Our consultant team assists you with development strategies that align with your business goals and objectives.

Requirements analysis

Our team of consultants analyzes the specific requirements you have. However, if you don’t have any, we help you identify what meets your final goal and expectations.

We do project requirement analysis.
We also choose suitable technologies for your software development project.

Selection of technologies and platforms

We give you proper guidance on opting for suitable technologies and platforms. By considering factors such as scalability, cost, compatibility, integration, and usability, we help you make decisions.

Architecture design

Designing the overall architecture needs consideration in terms of maintainability, performance, and other systems. Consultants from our company give the best possible assistance in designing the components and interfaces.

Our software consulting company in Canada help you with architecture design.
StakkDev Inc., a software consulting company in Canada, also helps in coding or development.

Development and coding

Get skilled and expertly employed developers from our consultant team who follow the best approach, coding methods, and agile practices. They make sure to be efficient and provide the expected result.

Quality assurance and testing

The expert group of consultants comprehensively performs quality assurance and testing methods. Our consultancy process also involves identifying bugs, errors, and other functional issues.

We also ensure quality assurance and testing at StakkDev Inc.
Our team works for project management.

Project management

We offer software development project management to monitor the timeline, resources, risks, and other considerations about the project. We aim to give the clients all details about the progression in real-time.

Training and knowledge

You get training on the crucial steps of the deployment and implementation process of the software. Our consultants give you knowledge of the use of the newly developed software. This helps you to utilize the software to its full potential.

StakkDev Inc. also provides training and knowledge.

See what our clients say

Mobile app development
Working with StakkDev Inc. for our mobile app development project was a seamless experience. The app they built brought a lot of positivity among the users and made things easier for our business.



NFT development
I liked that the team was attentive to each detail to meet our expectations. The developers are skilled in the NFT domain and deliver the final result on the deadline. If you need an NFT solution, StakkDev Inc. is the one to call.



Web application development
It was a great experience working with StakkDev Inc. on my project. The team understood well the changes I wanted to make in the designs and functions of the website application. I’m pretty happy with the results.



Blockchain development
I’m impressed with the team’s dedication and quality of work. I highly recommend StakkDev Inc. to people who need seamless and top-notch blockchain development solutions.

Yogesh Sharma


Our approach to consultancy


Our team of consultants will start by analyzing your idea, business model, and requirements to create a roadmap that will guide you through further steps.


Then, it’s to come up with strategies and apply the technology knowledge to execute the plan to develop the software.


We assist in innovation and guide the deployment and testing process, ensuring the digital product is error- and bugs-free.


Get training and knowledge from our consultants to understand the software’s features, functionalities, and the launching process.


Furthermore, our post-development monitoring service helps to keep track of the software’s performance to upgrade it in the future.

Why choose StakkDev Inc.?


At Stakkdev Inc., our consultants bring a wide range of experience and knowledge. We stay informed about the current trends and technologies that help shape the industry. With that, we ensure to deliver solutions that fit with unique business ideas. We cover proven techniques, planning, implementation, and further improvements in the future.

Development strategy

Our experienced consultants give you the best strategies by using the client-centric approach, working closely with you to build strategies that give tailored solutions. We analyze your existing methods and current requirements to initiate the strategizing process.

Application modernization

We help modernize the existing system, incorporating the latest technology to improve performance quality. We also help migrate the system to the cloud to upgrade the application, which helps minimize the disruption.

Selection of suited technology

The quality of the framework and programming language affects your project significantly. Our consultants give unbiased advice on choosing the right technologies, considering each factor of the process.

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