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Smart Contract Development For Blockchain

Smart Contract Development For Blockchain

With the demand for blockchain technology, smart contract development is also gaining a lot of popularity. It’s a self-executing term related to agreements that are shown when specific conditions are met. It is written into the code on a blockchain … Read More

Extreme programming

What is extreme programming? Origin, Practices, Pros, and Cons

Are you wondering about an advanced agile method? Then, extreme programming must be a good choice for you. The use of agile practices is rapidly increasing. And it’s been quite helpful to the industry so far. According to a statistics … Read More

Exploring the benefits of a multi-store e-commerce approach

Do you want to introduce fresh products or explore a new industry? Or do you already have one online store and want it to expand more? Well, multi-store e-commerce indeed has a charm and benefits to bring. Statista’s report shows … Read More

Top 10 qualities to look for while hiring website development consultants

A website opens the door for many potential customers in less time. Many are aware of it and want to take advantage of the opportunity. However, new brands often need help to make an impact on websites and visitors. That’s … Read More

In-house vs. outsourcing software development: choose the right approach

In-House vs. Outsourcing Software Development: Choosing The Right Approach

In recent years, the IT outsourcing industry has been flourishing rapidly. In-house vs. outsourcing software development: it sounds tricky, but many companies are opting for outsourcing instead of in-house recently. A report published by Statista’s research department shows that the … Read More

Factors that affect app development cost

8 Major Factors That Affect App Development Cost

Deciding the budget for an app development cost is a demanding task. However, many concerns become valid to make a smart investment. No doubt, both consumers and businesses have found mobile apps beneficial. Companies need their target audience to be aware … Read More

Learn about NestJS vs. Node.js

NestJS vs. Node.js: Which one should you choose?

NestJS vs. Node.js: Are you having a hard time choosing between any of them? Well, If you want to develop server-side applications using JavaScript, NestJS or Node.js will be perfect solutions. However, both tackle different problems in their own way. … Read More

Origin of Blockchain: Technology Used Before Blockchain

The emergence of blockchain has been a game changer in recent times. It has been transforming the ways of storing data, verifying transactions, and exchanging information. But have you ever wondered about the origin of blockchain and what existed before? … Read More

Latest technology trends in software development 2023

Businesses want to keep up with trends when it comes to software technologies to enhance efficiency and minimize complexity in the workflow. The software market foresees new heights in 2023. And this blog will save your precious time from digging … Read More

Test-driven development

What is the TDD framework? A detailed guide about Test-driven development

What is the TDD framework? In this blog, you’ll learn everything about the method of TDD (test-driven development) and its framework. Every developer aims to write quality code to see if each software functionality works as it should. This is … Read More