E-commerce website and app


We created Prochimps website to make an impact on customers who can find affordable electronics easily.

Project description


Many customers need help finding quality electronics at affordable prices. The high cost of electronics often deters buyers. Therefore, Prochimps came up with an idea. To make it successful, they only needed a platform offering discounted electronics. They wanted a reliable and user-friendly solution.


We worked for Prochimps in developing a user-friendly website and a sleek mobile app. The platform caters to customers seeking discounted electronics. We designed it to be user-friendly and efficient. It offers a seamless shopping experience for all tech needs. This sophisticated website and mobile app provide users with an intuitive and seamless shopping experience, combining the best technology and design to deliver exceptional value.

Refining the checkout experience

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Increase in conversions
New customers
New leads generated

Challenges we faced

Secure Payment Integration

Implementing multiple secure payment options while ensuring compliance and data protection.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Developing a system to keep inventory data accurate and synced across platforms.

Performance Optimization

Ensuring the site and app could handle high traffic smoothly during peak times.

User-Friendly Design

Creating an intuitive interface through extensive user research and testing.

Cross-Platform Consistency

Maintaining uniform features and functionality across the website and mobile app.

Technologies Used



Customers appreciated the affordability and variety of products. The user-friendly design and secure payments were highly praised.

“From the first meeting through to the launch, we appreciated their hands-on approach.”
Samantha Johnson
“Four years in and we keep coming back because they always deliver.”
Tim Everett
“Honestly we could not have been happier with the results we've had in the campaign.”
Jessica Bright

Client Testimonial

Our collaboration with StakkDev Inc. was exceptional. Their expertise in creating a user-friendly e-commerce platform boosted our sales and customer satisfaction. We highly recommend their services.



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